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Win 10 Upgrade = Total Data Loss

As you all may know by now, I try to make a point of documenting avoidable disasters as an educational tool.  Today’s complete clusterf*ck comes courtesy of Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade process and was further enhanced by Microsoft “Support” (if you want to call it that).  If you don’t want your data to go up Continue Reading

Mac Malware Becoming More Problematic

While it is essentially true that Apple’s OS X platform is essentially immune to virus attack, there are nasty programs out there that can ruin your day and waste a lot of time.  For the most part, the high risk infections remain the bailiwick of the Windows platform.  We have yet to see any proof Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Computer Take Up Drinking!

Everyone knows your computer shouldn’t drink, right? Never give your computer beer, wine or soda pop. Hard liquor might not be too bad – except for the possible fire… And milkshakes? Never. I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. If you do happen to spill anything – even water – ESPECIALLY water into your computer, Continue Reading

Go Through Halloween Candy Carefully

You may ask why this is being posted in a technical blog. The simple answer is that this blog is primarily a personal security vehicle and we want to make sure you are educated on any current topic that might affect your personal safety. This is not the first time this alert has been posted, Continue Reading

Is Your Router Safe?

For the typical small business or residential network, the choices for a router are to either stick with what your Internet provider supplies or to supplement that with your own router from the likes of Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and TRENDNet.  A decent router with the ability to handle multiple computers, printers and network storage devices Continue Reading

Simple Steps to Protect Your Privacy

I was reading Forbes today and they recently published a list of ten simple things you should do to protect your privacy. Given that Identity Theft is a rapidly growing problem, I thought this seemed like an excellent topic.  By this point in time, most of us either know someone personally – or ourselves have Continue Reading

The Facebook Hoaxes are Back

The Facebook Hoaxes are Back The Facebook copyright / privacy / utter BS hoaxes are making the rounds again and in the process clogging up the newsfeed and wasting bandwidth. They look like this: “Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: $5.99 to keep the Continue Reading

Giving Free Advice on NextDoor Will Get Your Account Locked

Next Door Will Lock Your Account It would appear dispensing free advice on NextDoor will get your account locked, no matter how many people look forward to and appreciate the free advice.  For several months I have been posting PSAs (Public Service Announcements) on tech topics, all of which you will see here in this Continue Reading

AVG 2015 Not Compatible with Windows XP SP2

As with  most things, we find this out the hard way after a client registered his previously functional trial copy of AVG AntiVirus, only to find his computer is an eternal reboot loop.  When he went to activate the AVG license that had worked flawlessly for about a month, AVG coerced him into downloading the Continue Reading