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Simple Steps to Protect Your Privacy

I was reading Forbes today and they recently published a list of ten simple things you should do to protect your privacy. Given that Identity Theft is a rapidly growing problem, I thought this seemed like an excellent topic.  By this point in time, most of us either know someone personally – or ourselves have Continue Reading

The Facebook Hoaxes are Back

The Facebook Hoaxes are Back The Facebook copyright / privacy / utter BS hoaxes are making the rounds again and in the process clogging up the newsfeed and wasting bandwidth. They look like this: “Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: $5.99 to keep the Continue Reading

Giving Free Advice on NextDoor Will Get Your Account Locked

Next Door Will Lock Your Account It would appear dispensing free advice on NextDoor will get your account locked, no matter how many people look forward to and appreciate the free advice.  For several months I have been posting PSAs (Public Service Announcements) on tech topics, all of which you will see here in this Continue Reading

AVG 2015 Not Compatible with Windows XP SP2

As with  most things, we find this out the hard way after a client registered his previously functional trial copy of AVG AntiVirus, only to find his computer is an eternal reboot loop.  When he went to activate the AVG license that had worked flawlessly for about a month, AVG coerced him into downloading the Continue Reading

IOS 9 Upgrade Nightmares and iPhone Hack Alert

Just Avoid IOS 9 Until Apple Releases a .rev Last week Apple turned their latest IOS update loose on an unsuspecting public with some disastrous results.  IOS 9 has caused a massive headache for many users who have decided to take Apple’s advice and update their devices.  As of 4 PM last Thursday, roughly 16% Continue Reading

Ahmed’s Clock is NOT an Invention

Ahmed’s Alleged Invention Unless you live in a cave (in which case you’re not reading this) you have been at least aware, if not following the media circus surrounding 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed from Irving Texas.  To recap, the story is that Ahmed “invented” a clock and brought it to school to impress his Continue Reading

Never Get Another Facebook Game Invite Again

Tired of getting game invites from your “friends” on FaceBrick who have far too much free time on their hands? If you get one more invite to play Candy Crush are you ready to shoot your computer? Well, there is a simple solution.  No, it’s not shooting your computer.  That may be tempting — and Continue Reading

Don’t Do This To Your Computer 9-10-15 Edition

An interesting situation with PCs is the result of the way they were marketed initially – and that continues even after more than 30 years.  PCs have been sold as being self-serviceable / self-upgradable this entire time.  Apple computers on the other hand, have been marketed as being ready to go right out of the Continue Reading

Don’t Do This To Your Computer 8-31-15 Edition

Over the years I have collected a pretty decent assortment of photos from the insides (and outsides) of computers.  Some of these represent basic issues regarding neglected periodic maintenance, normal wear and tear – and then we have the category of “What were you thinking?” Today’s image is from this last category.  Entitled Loose Power Continue Reading