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Are You Safe in Your Own Home?

Are You Safe in Your Own Home? Maybe not. In fact, Probably Not – if you installed your own wireless router, that is.  Or even if you had someone else install your wireless router, you could still be at risk.  Just today there was a news story of a man who was sitting in his Continue Reading

To The Cloud – Or NOT To The Cloud…

“To The Cloud” is the latest mantra touted my our friends at Micro$oft as the answer to all our problems. Is it really the answer? In many ways, The Cloud paradigm certainly is tantalizing, convenient, a problem-solver and the newest idea for always having your documents right at your fingertips.  But is it really a Continue Reading

Insurance May Cover Your Recovery Fees

Insurance Coverage for Data Recovery Services There is a shift taking place in the insurance industry for both home-owners and renters insurance policy holders where they will often cover the cost to recover data. It may be covered under ‘loss of intellectual property’ or ‘loss of important papers and documents’. Of course it can be Continue Reading

Some Things Cannot Be Recovered

As in any other industry, there are certain sets of circumstances that can render your data completely unrecoverable.  Below is an image of the inside of a hard drive that graphically displays the extreme far end of exactly such a situation. When I first received this drive, I noticed it sounded like a metal rain Continue Reading

Chuck Norris Says Change Your Router Password… or He’ll Kick Your Butt

Recently, a new botnet (group of devices working together to attack or distribute infections to other systems) was discovered infecting everyday routers as well as enterprise routers worldwide.  This cleverly crafted infestation attacks even Linus-based devices.  Egads!  How is this possible?  Isn’t Linux immune to infection? Not if you don’t change the default username and Continue Reading

Facebook Infections Continue

Several times a day we get people bringing in badly infected computers with the current variety of the Fake Antivirus family of Trojan Horse bug in circulation.  These infections are all the same, look similar in spite of having different names (because they’re all created with the same toolbox) – and have the same goal: Continue Reading

Are You A Victim of (or a Participant in) Software Piracy?

We have seen a growing number of computers coming into our shop that have been serviced by other shops or unaffiliated independent technicians where the computer contains pirated software / Operating Systems.  This has been done without the owner’s knowledge or consent — but that does not make them innocent of the crime. We had Continue Reading