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iCloud and iCloud Drive Problems Solved

TweetIf you are an iPhone user… Your life is probably more complicated than it used to be, And iCloud is to blame. Let’s start by asking some basic questions first: Do you find yourself emailing photos from your phone to your email account just to get the photos on your computer? Are you frustrated trying Continue Reading

SWF Infections On The Rise

Tweet SWF infections are on the rise   Since I use a Mac Pro, my odds of being infected are far less than a PC user. However… Just a few minutes ago I started getting multiple warnings popping up in my notification window and went to see what had been going on. It appears I Continue Reading

The Facebook Hoaxes are Back

TweetThe Facebook Hoaxes are Back The Facebook copyright / privacy / utter BS hoaxes are making the rounds again and in the process clogging up the newsfeed and wasting bandwidth. They look like this: “Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: $5.99 to keep the Continue Reading

Never Get Another Facebook Game Invite Again

TweetTired of getting game invites from your “friends” on FaceBrick who have far too much free time on their hands? If you get one more invite to play Candy Crush are you ready to shoot your computer? Well, there is a simple solution.  No, it’s not shooting your computer.  That may be tempting — and Continue Reading

How Not to Kill Your Computer

TweetA word of warning. When your computer locks up and becomes unresponsive, try EVERYTHING first EXCEPT holding down the power button to force it to shut down. The laptop on the right is a new Toshiba to replace the 3 year old Lenovo where a client did exactly that. The results were a Windows environment Continue Reading

SW Airlines Ticket SCAM

TweetAirplane Ticket SCAM is Coming Around Again! If you are invited by a friend to participate in this SCAM — DON’T DO IT! Follow the report link below for the details. This scam comes around every year with more people falling for it and reaping the “rewards” of believing they will actually get something for Continue Reading

Facebook Malware Alert

TweetWatch out, FaceBrick users! I was checking my news feed and trying to type a suggestion on a friend’s page this morning when my keyboard was remapped and started typing gibberish. At the same time I was trying to diagnose this nonsense, I noticed a download completed on my system. I immediately rebooted the computer. Continue Reading

Facebook Package Delivery Scam

TweetToday’s pathetic phishing scam – Facebook Package Delivery If you receive an email from Facebook with the following information: Subject: Your package has been delivered From: no-reply@facebook.com Be very suspicious of it. In this particular case, what makes this attempt so incredibly insipid is the actual bogus content. Keep in mind today is July 30, Continue Reading

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