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The Sky Is Falling!

TweetWith a nod to Chicken Little… Massive Ransomware Outbreak! By now I’m willing to bet good money you’ve all seen the various news articles telling you to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye if your computer is connected to the Internet today. In point of fact, the ransomware issue is getting worse by the Continue Reading

Computer Utilities and Performance

TweetLess is More Computer Performance is Impacted by Application Count Computer Speed is Inversely Proportional to the Number of Installed Applications How many more ways can I say this? I think that’s adequate. For longer than I can possibly recall, I have been saying “The fewer applications installed on your computer, the better it will Continue Reading

CryptoWall 3.0 Information

TweetRecently one of my clients had his computer massively infected.  What seemed to trigger this situation was an automatic upgrade to his AVG Internet Security software.  It seems that during the “upgrade” process, the system was left vulnerable just long enough to hose the system rather badly. After scrubbing it as clean as I could Continue Reading

COM Surrogate has stopped working – Virus

TweetListed below are my notes from a recent virus infection on a Windows 7 computer. Reason for service: 1: Computer is extremely sluggish. 2: Multiple instances of “COM Surrogate has stopped working” dialog boxes. Observations: 1: All applications unresponsive. 2: Over 36 instances of dllhost.exe running in Services and repeated popups of COM Surrogate message. Continue Reading