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AVG Protects You Against WannaCry

TweetStay protected from Ransomware All versions of AVG protect against WannaCry One Caveat:  NO Antivirus is 100% protection out of the box. Custom tuning of the installation is critical! With 120 million new ransomware samples in 2015 alone, it is one of the fastest growing threats on the web. Hijacking your computer until you pay Continue Reading

The Sky Is Falling!

TweetWith a nod to Chicken Little… Massive Ransomware Outbreak! By now I’m willing to bet good money you’ve all seen the various news articles telling you to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye if your computer is connected to the Internet today. In point of fact, the ransomware issue is getting worse by the Continue Reading

Just Say “NO” to Windows Updates

TweetWe’ve been telling people for years that Windows Updates should be applied Manually – and Carefully. ¬†Only because I’m getting tired of repeating myself, especially with our incredibly heavy workload, I’m going to spell our policy out here, once and for all. In general, you should DISABLE Automatic Updates. Right-Click on My Computer and select Continue Reading