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Facebook Infections Continue

TweetSeveral times a day we get people bringing in badly infected computers with the current variety of the Fake Antivirus family of Trojan Horse bug in circulation.  These infections are all the same, look similar in spite of having different names (because they’re all created with the same toolbox) – and have the same goal: Continue Reading

Are You A Victim of (or a Participant in) Software Piracy?

TweetWe have seen a growing number of computers coming into our shop that have been serviced by other shops or unaffiliated independent technicians where the computer contains pirated software / Operating Systems.  This has been done without the owner’s knowledge or consent — but that does not make them innocent of the crime. We had Continue Reading

Search Engine Infections on the Rise

TweetThe bulk of the Fake Antivirus infections making up the viral epidemic spreading like wildfire since June of 2008, had been coming from Facebook and Myspace web pages until recently.  Lately, we have seen a shift in the source of infection to web search results.  Both Google and Yahoo searches have been bringing up infected Continue Reading