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Does U.S. Airline Security Make You Feel Secure?

TweetI know the current invasive state of Airline Security in the U.S.A. does not make me feel secure.  It makes me feel like the terrorists have won.  Outrageous?  Absolutely not.  The few “attempts” to disrupt airline flights by would-be terrorists have resulted in outrageous, invasive screening procedures applied to people who would absolutely never be Continue Reading

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

Tweet I am re-publishing this piece here, because I think it needs to be seen again. I originally published this article in Lies Magazine back in 1995, after witnessing the demise of someone I knew, caused directly by his involvement in usenet groups and running afoul of the wrong individual.  It is my observation today Continue Reading

Are You Safe in Your Own Home?

TweetAre You Safe in Your Own Home? Maybe not. In fact, Probably Not – if you installed your own wireless router, that is.  Or even if you had someone else install your wireless router, you could still be at risk.  Just today there was a news story of a man who was sitting in his Continue Reading

To The Cloud – Or NOT To The Cloud…

Tweet“To The Cloud” is the latest mantra touted my our friends at Micro$oft as the answer to all our problems. Is it really the answer? In many ways, The Cloud paradigm certainly is tantalizing, convenient, a problem-solver and the newest idea for always having your documents right at your fingertips.  But is it really a Continue Reading