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Today’s pathetic phishing SCAM allegedly comes from DHL.

TweetToday’s pathetic phishing SCAM allegedly comes from DHL. The grammar of this sophomoric phishing SCAM is so incredibly hideous I simply HAD to share it: Message Subject: DHL delivery report Message Sender: reports@dhl.com Alleged Actual Sender: superimposehp74@gmail.com Spoofed sender: cjdngbsmebvp.yapfq.su Actual server delivering this dreck: ldlhilzayzugdaz.ozckjclio.ru (Russian – no big┬ásurprise) Now is where the fun Continue Reading

AT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM

TweetAT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM A very disturbing new phishing scam looks exactly like your monthly AT&T Wireless billing notification. If you’re like many iPhone users, you receive a monthly notification that your wireless bill is ready to be viewed online. What you may not notice is your next “reminder” is not at the usual Continue Reading