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Don’t fall for this Facebook Notification hijack!

TweetDon’t fall for this Facebook Notification hijack! This is an example bogus email you should NOT click on: Subject: Adrian Garcia tagged you in a photo on Facebook Sender: notification+1325EYW2G@facebookmail.com Actual alleged email address: calliopelz2261@facebook.org (note the .org extension for this domain – that is NOT Facebook.COM – clearly bogus.) There are two buttons you Continue Reading

Today’s Wells Fargo Email Scam

TweetAnother phishing scam today from Wells Fargo Subject: IMPORTANT Documents- WellsFargo Sender: Reuben_Spivey@wellsfargo.com / Kent_Foreman@wellsfargo.com Content: Please check attached documents. Kent_Foreman Wells Fargo Advisors 817-594-3403 office 817-987-8493 cell Kent_Foreman@wellsfargo.com ATTENTION: THIS E-MAIL MAY BE AN ADVERTISEMENT OR SOLICITATION FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. To unsubscribe from marketing e-mails from: … Boilerplate text continues ad nauseum… Attached Continue Reading

Today’s email SCAM from UPS (NOT)

TweetToday’s email SCAM from UPS (NOT) Subject: Your UPS Invoice is Ready Sender: UPSBillingCenter@customercare.upsmail.com Content: This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to this email address. Dear UPS Customer, (your first clue right here – your NAME should be here, not a generic salutation) Thank you for your business. New invoice(s) are Continue Reading