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How to NOT Fry Your Memory Card

TweetToday’s PSA: Be very careful handling your camera memory cards! We just attempted recovery on another dead CF card with no success. It is most likely the culprit was a static electricity discharge. The smallest amount of static electricity (that you cannot even feel) can destroy storage cards and computer memory in a heartbeat. The damage Continue Reading

GalaxyS5 Constantly Disconnecting – Reconnecting WiFi

TweetDoes your Samsung #GalaxyS5 constantly notify you that it’s reconnecting to your #WiFi? Well, so did both of ours and it’s a fairly recent problem, most likely caused by some infernal #Android update that’s not ready for prime time. Are you listening, #Google? Here’s the #DIY? fix: Go to Settings > Network Connections > WiFi Continue Reading

Malware and Content Filtering Only $8/Month!

TweetMalware protection news: Contrary to popular belief, all malware (viruses, trojans, etc.) protection products are not created equal.  Anti-malware / Anti-virus tools vary considerably from brand to brand.  Some are simply much better than others and we routinely find badly infected computers that were “protected” by competing products.  Also, no commercial anti-malware product is configured Continue Reading

Trojan Infestations in Rosetta Stone Install

TweetTrojan Infestations in Rosetta Stone Install Today’s PSA: I just ran a new AVG malware scan on my one Windows based computer (I use Macs for almost everything) and found 16 Trojans in the Rosetta Stone data files. This was after uninstalling Rosetta Stone and having the uninstaller lock up in the process. It seems Continue Reading

DFWCI Partners with AVG

TweetFebruary 10, 2015 PRESS RELEASE DFW Computer Investigations Partners with AVG For many years, DFWCI has recommended AVG products for virus / malware removal and protection. In an effort to offer a more convenient and thorough computer security solution, DFWCI has recently partenered with AVG to provide their suite of CloudCare products. The CloudCare suite includes Continue Reading