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Don’t Do This To Your Computer 8-31-15 Edition

TweetOver the years I have collected a pretty decent assortment of photos from the insides (and outsides) of computers.  Some of these represent basic issues regarding neglected periodic maintenance, normal wear and tear – and then we have the category of “What were you thinking?” Today’s image is from this last category.  Entitled Loose Power Continue Reading

Put up an Antenna. Save $$$ Over Cable!

TweetPut up an Antenna.  Save $$$ Over Cable! I don’t know about you, but I look at our cable bill (AT&T U-Verse) and am in disbelief how much we spend for the handful of channels we actually watch.  Since we never watch sports, just scrolling through the (literally) hundreds of sports channels wastes too much Continue Reading

iCloud Drive 100% CPU Usage – SOLVED

TweetSince I penned the first blog entry on this topic, I have encountered a total of four PCs completely unusable due to running iCloud.  I cannot at this time call it an epidemic, but in 100% of the PCs I’ve encountered running iCloud, the CPU usage has been pegged at 100%, with typically over 60% Continue Reading

Go Make Your Restore Disks NOW

TweetI’ve been working on computers for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ years.  It wasn’t that long ago when you could buy a computer with the necessary disks included to reinstall your computer back to the condition it was in when you bought it.  This becomes crucial when your computer has a hard drive failure, when Continue Reading

Fake Microsoft Support Calls Can Cost You

TweetLet me preface this article by saying that just like the IRS,  Microsoft will never call you to fix a problem in your computer.  They are not monitoring your computer remotely and they absolutely do not care what you are doing with it or what condition it is in. Like many other scams, these people Continue Reading

Is CNN’s Autoplay Driving You Crazy?

TweetJune 5, 2020 Update: Since this post was originally published (5 years ago), both CNN and Chrome have changed a LOT.  As a result, the original technique for disabling the annoying autoplay of videos on CNN is no longer an option.  However… There is an extension that will solve the problem. Load this link in Continue Reading