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A New Mac Virus Lashes Out

Mac Virus Alert!

Mac Virus Alert!

It was only a matter of time.  For as long as Apple has produced the Mac product line, one of it’s biggest selling points has been it’s “immunity” to virus infection.  In actuality, it has been not so much immune, but simply uninteresting to virus writers and hackers based solely on Apple’s market share.  Only one mass-transmitted infection has been released in the history of the Mac and that was a Java-based Trojan released in late 2010, which spread via social networking sites.  It affected only a very small number of users.

Now, the situation just may have changed.  Hackers have crafted a shiny new “backdoor Trojan” aimed directly at Apples OS X operating system.  This infection allows remote access, operation and password phishing on the infected machine.  This incomplete malware product, christened Blackhole RAT, is based on the Windows RAT “darkComet” code, which is readily available online.

Researchers at Sophos have dubbed this “Remote Access Trojan” OSX/MusMinim-A.  As part of it’s payload, it can pop up a fake Administrator Password window, tempting the target to provide the security credentials of the infected computer.  Other functions include placing text on a desktop, locking a full-screen window in place that allows the user to only click Reboot, run shell commands on the OS or send URLs to the client that open a specific website.

This iteration of MusMinim is said to be “very basic”, with an interface made up of a mix of English and German.

It was recently revealed that Apple has approached security experts to evaluate their upcoming OS X 10.7 release.

In addition to practicing smart surfing, it may now be a good idea to investigate Malware protection for your Mac.

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