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AVG Antivirus Configuration DIY

For as long as I can recall I’ve been telling my clients that there is no such thing as an anti-malware product that is properly configured “out of the box”.  Every one of them needs to be fine-tuned for optimum protection.  Over the 30+ years I’ve been servicing computers I have tested almost every product on the market.  I’ve also cleaned up after most of them failed to provide adequate protection.  Since 2006 or so, I have sold, installed and configured over 3,500 instances of AVG Antivirus products.  There very simply is no better anti-virus (anti-malware) product on the market.  If there was, I would use and sell it.  AVG CloudCare is installed on our diagnostic machines.  The very same system we recommend to you is what protects our computers as well.

Even AVG needs some fine-tuning to provide optimum protection.

I produced a configuration blog many years ago when I owned and operated The Computer Wizard in Plano, Texas.  Unfortunately, that blog is now long gone.  In the years since I published the original version, there have been some big changes in the AVG interface and the options have changed somewhat, so it was time for a new configuration blog anyway.

The screenshots here are from CloudCare, but the sections are pretty similar to all the other versions of AVG, so you will be OK following these recommendations no matter which version of AVG you have installed.

There are some basic settings that must be enabled in all locations (computer protection, scheduled scan, shell integration, full scan, etc.).

These settings are:

  1. Heal / remove infections without asking
  2. Scan ALL Files
  3. Scan files without extensions
  4. Thorough Scanning is checked.
  5. Scan inside archives.
  6. Report enhanced set of potentially unwanted applications…
  7. Scan for tracking cookies (EXCEPT FOR THE SHELL EXTENSION SCAN)
    <this will make you crazy while browsing, so make sure it’s not checked>
  8. Make sure your computer is actually left ON Friday night so that at 1 AM Saturday, the scheduled scan will clean up anything that might have slipped through the screens (screenshot 9).  Do this at least once a month.  Every week is best.
  9. Don’t forget to configure the Scheduled Scan settings (last screenshot) like all the rest.


You must click [Apply] and [OK] for all these settings to be applied and saved. You will be asked to verify that it is OK for AVG to make file system changes. It is not only OK, but mandatory if you want this customization to be saved.