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AVG Protects You Against WannaCry

Stay protected from Ransomware

All versions of AVG protect against WannaCry

One Caveat:  NO Antivirus is 100% protection out of the box.
Custom tuning of the installation is critical!

With 120 million new ransomware samples in 2015 alone, it is one of the fastest growing threats on the web.
Hijacking your computer until you pay up. Prevention is key to avoiding these attacks.
Welcome to ransomware survival!

How does it get in?


are most common ransomware entry points.
Look for malicous links, an attachment with malicious code inside,
disguised as a .pdf, Word, Excel, .zip file and suspicious or
vague subject lines.


can be a point of entry. Watch out for Pop-ups or banner
ads, links and images
that point to ransomware.

How to stay protected

  • Make sure Windows is updated with the latest security patches.
  • Don’t click on random links in your inbox or social media
  • Be wary of visiting sites with bad reputations
  • Confirm any strange message from friends before opening
  • Look out for phishing emails or websites that fake major brands
    (i.e. PayePal instead of Paypal)

Trust AVG to protect your business

AVG CloudCare and AntiVirus Business Edition
utilize a multi-layered approach to detecting
and eliminating ransomware. They are able
to scan .zip files, metadata, content and behavior
with our advanced algorithms shorten scanning times

Don’t let your business be held to ransom!

Buy now and ensure you have the
best protection for your business.

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AVG Protects You Against WannaCry

AVG Protects You Against WannaCry


We no longer recommend, sell or support AVG.

Since their merger with Avast it has become yet another undesirable product

We recommend Bitdefender Endpoint Security.  You can ONLY get this from an MSP like us.

Contact us today for better Internet security.

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If you’re local to Dallas, Texas we can come to you – or

We can remote in to anyplace in the world.
(If Windows won’t load or connect to the Internet, we cannot remote in)

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