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Malicious Ads a Social Media Menace

TweetThis article is extracted from an eHacking News article. A current trend in politically motivated confabulation and misinformation in social networking sites  suggest a trend of unabated malicious advertisement. These are, beyond doubt, paid political advertisements which gather momentum in the most visited social networking sites on the planet. Take the example of Facebook where Continue Reading

Don’t Shoot Your Computer – Call Us 214-232-9503

TweetPromotional Video Announcement For Over a Decade I’ve Wanted to Do This It’s certainly been a long time that I’ve yearned to produce a promotional video featuring the wanton destruction of recalcitrant computers via large-bore firearms (stringing together some of my favorite terms into a single sentence here…) and a couple of weeks ago we Continue Reading

Ahmed’s Clock is NOT an Invention

TweetAhmed’s Alleged Invention Unless you live in a cave (in which case you’re not reading this) you have been at least aware, if not following the media circus surrounding 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed from Irving Texas.  To recap, the story is that Ahmed “invented” a clock and brought it to school to impress his Continue Reading

If You Smoke, So Does Your Computer

TweetOver the course of 2+ decades in computer repair and service, we have seen a lot of things.  Nothing – and I mean NOTHING is as disgusting as having to open up the chassis of a computer used by a heavy smoker.  The photos in this gallery show the massive tar buildup on the components Continue Reading

Does U.S. Airline Security Make You Feel Secure?

TweetI know the current invasive state of Airline Security in the U.S.A. does not make me feel secure.  It makes me feel like the terrorists have won.  Outrageous?  Absolutely not.  The few “attempts” to disrupt airline flights by would-be terrorists have resulted in outrageous, invasive screening procedures applied to people who would absolutely never be Continue Reading

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

Tweet I am re-publishing this piece here, because I think it needs to be seen again. I originally published this article in Lies Magazine back in 1995, after witnessing the demise of someone I knew, caused directly by his involvement in usenet groups and running afoul of the wrong individual.  It is my observation today Continue Reading