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Decline Windows 10 Upgrade While You Can

Decline This Offer

Windows 10 is a mixed bag at best.

On a new computer it usually behaves itself.  For Windows 8 or 8.1 users (I’m sorry) it is actually an improvement most of the time.  If you have a Windows 7 computer you do NOT want Windoze 10 to change your entire computer interface to something you don’t understand, don’t like – and just might cripple your otherwise happy computer beyond belief.  Processor speed is a big factor in this as well.  There are a lot of Intel i3 processor equipped Windows machines on the market.  They never should have been released.  Windows 10 does NOT perform well on these machines.  I have seen them turned into door stops after upgrade.

The minimum acceptable specs for a Windows 10 machine should be:

  • Processor:  Intel i5
  • Speed:  2.50 GHz or faster
  • Memory:  8 GB or more (preferably more)
  • Hard Drive:  500 GB or more

Anything less than this and you will spend a LOT of time waiting for the spinning blue ring of death…

Decline This Offer

Decline Free Offer

I have written numerous blogs on this topic already, so I will not go into further details here.  The purpose of this article is to keep you from being a victim of Micro$oft’s heavy-handed force-feeding of Windows 10.  In recent weeks they have been silently slipstreaming changes into your computer that will download and install Windows 10 unless you take extraordinary measures to stop it in its tracks.

I have taken what steps I can for my existing clients by disabling Windows Update, which keeps Microsoft from downloading Windows 10 and other updates that are unnecessary and possibly hazardous.  Microsoft, however, is able to circumvent this and you may see the screen above at some point.  There is another similar screen all in blue that has a button with the same text as the phrase in the red oval above.  This is the phrase you care about.  “Decline free offer.”  It could say “Decline this offer“.  It should say “Decline being screwed by Micro$soft.”  Just make sure you select the option to Decline anything related to Windows 10 being installed.

Be sure to select this option while you still can.

There is a tool which will permanently disable the Windows 10 upgrade produced by GRC.  It is called NEVER10.

I can install and run this for you by remote – or locally if you have any other issues you would like me to address at this time.

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