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DFWCI Data Recovery FAQ

My Drive is making a “clicking” sound. What should I do?

Unplug your computer immediately.  The “clicking” sound is the Hard Drive head assembly bouncing off the ’stop’ as a result of a fatal hardware failure.  The more times it clicks, the less the chances of successfully retrieving your data.  Your hard drive needs to be evaluated by a Data Recovery professional when this happens.  The odds of getting your data back without sending it to a Clean Room facility is roughly 15-20% under these conditions.  Anyone who tells you anything different is selling you something wrapped in a fairy tale story.  Don’t believe it.

Can I just bring my hard drive to you for recovery?

Sure, but if you’re going to remove the hard drive from your computer, be sure to discharge yourself frequently to minimize electrostatic buildup and be sure to transport your drive in an anti-static bag.  This is NOT a baggie, ziplock or Target shopping bag.  This is a silver bag designed specifically to protect delicate electronics.

Transporting a hard drive in any other container greatly reduces the odds of a successful recovery and increases the odds of Clean Room Recovery being necessary due to physically damaging the electronics in the drive.

We’ve had lots of people come in and pull a hard drive out of a purse, out of a shopping bag or just hand-carry a bare drive to us.  All of these are very bad ways to transport your precious data.

We would prefer you bring us the entire computer so we can disassemble it in our completely anti-static shop. We designed it that way so we can handle delicate electronic circuits with impunity.

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