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Don’t Do This to Your Computer – Day 1

I thought it would be fun to resurrect our old “Don’t Do This to Your Computer” series of case history photos.  Over the many years The Computer Wizard was in business in Plano, Texas  (over 16 years) I collected a very interesting assortment of images from mistreated computers.  On our old website I had a full gallery with descriptions of these – our Wall of Shame – but not wanting to overload the website with superfluous data, I have decided to occasionally publish some highlights on the blog.  This is for both education and entertainment, as some of these are so ridiculous as to seem obvious to almost anyone.  Others, however, are more obscure issues that may not be so obviously wrong.

Stacked Drives

Stacked Drives

Today’s snippet is perhaps less obvious to most people.  The image name is “StackedDrives” and it shows two hard drives stacked directly on top of each other, one of them upside down.  The orientation is not an issue, as you can install a hard drive right side up or upside down – or vertically for that matter.  The drive will work find as long as it has ventilation.  When you sandwich them together like this, the heat buildup is pretty extreme, causing premature failure and poor performance.  Do NOT do this!  If you look at this image closely you will notice there was plenty of room to mount the lower drive at the bottom of the drive cage and allow some air flow – which is what we did to rectify this issue in the shop.

Name of author

Name: Wizard

Short Bio: The Computer Wizard (TCW). TCW was founded by Warren P. Harris in 1994 to service and repair computers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Relocating the business to Plano, Texas in 1999, TCW continued to flourish when an unfortunate loss of data for a wedding Mr. Harris photographed, caused him to research data recovery options. Realizing he would have to either pay someone to recover the photos or find out how to do it himself, the rest, as they say "is history". Approached by a friend who was a Private Investigator in 2006, Mr. Harris studied for his Investigator's license and began honing his skills in Computer Forensics. The company was renamed DFW Computer Integration in 2015.

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