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Fake Flash Player Downloads Can Ruin Your Day

I have warned about these in the past, but always drawing on personal experience or case histories, I thought it important to apprise y’all on what can happen while you are minding your own business just surfing the web.

Malware Alert!

Malware Alert!

Only a few minutes ago I was searching for a particular video of David Gilmour performing an acoustic version of Breathe.  A friend had shared one on FaceBrick, but it’s copyright status prevented it being shown in the U.S.  So I hopped over to my Firefox browser and popped open a new tab, typing in “youtube” and accepting the default http://www.youtube.com address that came up.  I was greeted with a popup window saying my Flash player was out of date and to either download or install the new version depending on the button I chose.  I thought this highly suspicious and clicked Install to see where it would go (being on a Mac I’m fairly well insulated from drive-by infections, but not completely immune).  A redirect popped up wanting to take me to downboxfile.com.  EGADS!

Clearly bogus case of attempted malware infection.

Immediately I closed all applications and rebooted to clear any pests from memory.

ClamXAV is now running a full scan of my system.  I don’t expect to find anything, but it’s a good idea to do a full scan when any attempt to hijack your browser is encountered.

Any time you receive a notice that your Flash player is out of date, you should simply go to www.adobe.com and check for the newest version.  Any other location is most likely a  nasty infection.  One of my clients made a similar error in judgement awhile back and had his entire computer encrypted with CryptoWall.  This is a very expensive problem.  Informing you that your Flash player is out of date is a favorite tactic of virus and trojan distributors to lure you in and take over your computer.  ONLY trust Adobe’s website for Flash Player updates or installs.

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