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Happy New Year from DFWCI

Well folks, it’s the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.  It is very popular to set up New Year’s Resolutions in an effort to correct what the individual perceives to be negative behavior.  While I have never been a big fan of postponing positive change until the beginning of the next year, let me propose some computer related resolutions for y’all.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from DFW Computer Integration!

New Year’s computer resolutions:

  1. Backup

    If you do not currently have both a local and cloud-based backup, now is your opportunity to do something about that.  I maintain both a local hard drive backup and a cloud backup.  The local backup is always the fastest and most efficient, but if you have a fire or tornado – or flooding – or lightning strike, both your computer and your backup are likely to be useless.  Likewise, if some miscreant breaks into your home or office, it is very likely they will steal anything that looks convertible into money.  This includes external hard drives.  Therefore, the cloud backup is your insurance.  A new computer can have your backup data streamed down to it in a matter of hours.
    We only recommend Western Digital hard drives.  Pick up one of their external drives and start backing up your data right away.
    Our Cloud-based backup recommendation will keep you protected at all times.  Implement it right away and you can breathe easy.

  2. Pay attention to your computer

    In other words, be aware of your computer’s condition.  If it starts to act sluggish or stalls out leaving you waiting for it to respond to simple commands, you may have a failing hard drive.  We have had many clients over the years that ignored these warning signs until it was too late.  If your computer is slowing down considerably or becoming unresponsive at times you could be headed for a complete crash where all or some of your data is going to be lost.  Replacing a hard drive is no big deal if you have restore media (CD or DVD).  If not, you could be facing a time-consuming and expensive rebuild.  If your  computer is locking up or stalling out, we should look at it right away.

  3. Make your restore disks TODAY

    Out of a client list of more than 5,000 over the many years I owned and operated The Computer Wizard in Plano, I can only recall two individuals who ever created their restore disks.  Most computers do NOT come with restore media.  This means that when your computer crashes or your hard drive dies (notice I did not use the word IF) you will be faced with a time-consuming and expensive rebuild.  When you bought your computer. it most likely had a pop-up message nagging you to build the restore media.  Most people select the Don’t pester me about this option shortly after they get their computer set up.  They never build these very important disks and when the hard drive takes a header, they are very sorry they did not follow the instructions.
    Go find the media creation (backup) option in your programs and get busy creating those disks today.  It generally requires 4-5 DVDs and about 4 hours to make them.  Label these and put them in a SAFE today.  You will thank me later.  If your DVD drive has failed over the years, it will need to be replaced first or you will need to acquire a USB DVD drive ( I use one of these frequently in this situation).


That’s it for now.  It’s a short and manageable list.  Implement these few recommendations today and you can relax for the rest of the year.  Meanwhile, if your computer is doing something strange or wasting a lot of your time, give me a call and I will get it to settle down for you.

Happy New Year from DFW Computer Integration!

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Short Bio: The Computer Wizard (TCW). TCW was founded by Warren P. Harris in 1994 to service and repair computers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Relocating the business to Plano, Texas in 1999, TCW continued to flourish when an unfortunate loss of data for a wedding Mr. Harris photographed, caused him to research data recovery options. Realizing he would have to either pay someone to recover the photos or find out how to do it himself, the rest, as they say "is history". Approached by a friend who was a Private Investigator in 2006, Mr. Harris studied for his Investigator's license and began honing his skills in Computer Forensics. The company was renamed DFW Computer Integration in 2015.

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