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IOS 9 Upgrade Nightmares and iPhone Hack Alert

Just Avoid IOS 9 Until Apple Releases a .rev

Last week Apple turned their latest IOS update loose on an unsuspecting public with some disastrous results.  IOS 9 has caused a massive headache for many users who have decided to take Apple’s advice and update their devices.  As of 4 PM last Thursday, roughly 16% of their users had taken the bait and updated their devices.

The common errors are the dreaded  “Software Update Failed” message, which results in an infinite loop of attempting the update and failing, rebooting, attempting, failing ad infinitum.  Other users with older devices have had their phones lock up on the “Swipe to Upgrade” feature.

These problems are resulting in vast numbers of very unhappy users with non-functional phones.

The fix?  Do a full factory reset of your phone and lose any data that is not backed up.  This means all your un-synced photos too.

9-28-2015 update:

But your install of IOS 9 went just fine.  That’s great.  In many cases, especially with newer phones, this will be the case.  However…
There is still something you NEED to change unless you have an unlimited data plan.  NOT doing this can cost you a fortune.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Cellular
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom
  4. Turn OFF the WiFi Assist option by sliding the little switch to the left with your finger.
    This handy little feature switches you over to using cellular data when WiFi is poor.  This can use a massive amount of data and cost you a few paychecks in a single month (depending on your annual income, of course…)

10-1-2015 update:

It seems IOS 9 is also screwing with you Google calendar.  If you, like many of us, use a shared Google calendar to do simple project management (your spouse will not schedule you to go to the opera if you calendar shows you busy at a bike rally) IOS 9 will leave you high and dry.  It no longer properly synchronizes your Google calendar to your phone.  You may recall the days of the iPhone 3 series when you needed a 3rd party app to accomplish this.  Then Apple figured out it was ridiculous to not just sync to any online calendar and upgraded their code accordingly.

Well, in the immortal words of Inspector Clouseau: “Not anymore!

The fix?

  • Stay on iOS 8 if you haven’t already upgraded
  • If you are reading after upgrading (sucks to be you):  Temporarily disable, then reenable calendar sync (this fixes things for the moment, but the issue will eventually reoccur)
  • Use the Google Calendar app  (the app does not sync with the IOS native calendar, so you have two independent calendar apps to deal with

And a new Malware Hack to Worry About as Well:

There have been roughly 40 cases of malware-infested apps cruising unimpeded through Apple’s usually effective screening process.  This is only the 6th instance of such a breach of security, but if you are one of the ones infected, you don’t really care about the percentages, do you?  The XCodeGhost hack can ruin your day.

Our advice has always been “Do not be the first one on your block.”  In other words, let someone else find out if the shiny, new upgrade works or not.  You do not want to be the one with a six hundred dollar brick in your pocket or purse.

Sust Say NO to IOS 9

Sust Say NO to IOS 9

Last year we switched from iPhones to Android phones.  The reason was very simple.  Apple paints you into a corner every year when they release a “new” IOS.  On older phones what were working just fine, the new IOS slows them down and makes them unstable.  Why?  Because the new IOS is engineered for the newer, faster devices.  The older ones are underpowered for the new IOS.  I fault Apple for doing this, as I suspect they intentionally cripple the older phones to force us to buy new ones.

After one of these “updates” on an older phone, you either suffer with a badly performing phone until your contract renewal comes up, or you fork over big bucks for a new one.  Apple knows this.  This is why we switched.  The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone rocks!  The camera in it rocks!  12 megapixels and spectacular photos.

But if you like the Apple Kool Aid, you just keep right on drinking it.


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