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Is There a Windows 10 Upgrade in Your Future?

Are you still using Windows 7?

It may be time to change

By now most of you are aware Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 7 at the middle of January.

January 14th, to be precise.

What does this mean to you?


It means no more patches or security updates
Does this constitute a problem?

Not necessarily.

As long as all your applications continue to support Windows 7, you will be OK.  When that changes, you will be painted into a corner and forced to switch (notice I did not say “upgrade”) to Windows 10.

We have lots of really nice business grade Dell computers available with Windows 10 Professional.

We do NOT sell cheap, junk computers.
If we wouldn’t use them ourselves we won’t sell them.

  • We ONLY sell Dell refurbished commercial grade computers.
  • We ONLY use Intel processors of i5 or better rating.
  • We ONLY use 2.50GHz or faster processors.
  • We START at 8GB of Ram.
  • We recommend 16 GB for Windows 10
  • We Only use Samsung SSD drives.
  • 1 year warranty on components

If we have recently replaced a computer for you we can reinstall it with Windows 10 if the hardware supports this.  The process takes longer but costs less.

Contact us if you want to switch so we can plan the changeover for you today.


Some of the models we have available

This is a MUCH better deal than buying a new Dell.  If you’re buying off the shelf you’ll get a lightweight consumer version and ONLY 256 GB of storage.  Most people will use this up within a year.

And it will cost MORE than our equivalent refurb.

To get the equivalent of hour high end i7 machines from Dell you’ll pay almost twice as much and still have a fourth of the storage.

Check our our prices:

Refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop computers range from $500 to $750 for decent performing i5 and i7 configurations with 8-16 GB of memory and 500 GB or 1TB Samsung SSD drives.

We also have Xeon processors, Dual Xeon server grade machines and Dell laptops in a variety of configurations.

Contact us for a quote.

50% deposit required to start the process.

Typical turnaround time for a Windows 10 replacement is 48 hours or less.

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Short Bio: The Computer Wizard (TCW). TCW was founded by Warren P. Harris in 1994 to service and repair computers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Relocating the business to Plano, Texas in 1999, TCW continued to flourish when an unfortunate loss of data for a wedding Mr. Harris photographed, caused him to research data recovery options. Realizing he would have to either pay someone to recover the photos or find out how to do it himself, the rest, as they say "is history". Approached by a friend who was a Private Investigator in 2006, Mr. Harris studied for his Investigator's license and began honing his skills in Computer Forensics. The company was renamed DFW Computer Integration in 2015.

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