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Malicious Ads a Social Media Menace

This article is extracted from an eHacking News article.

A current trend in politically motivated confabulation and misinformation in social networking sites  suggest a trend of unabated malicious advertisement. These are, beyond doubt, paid political advertisements which gather momentum in the most visited social networking sites on the planet. Take the example of Facebook where scores of swindlers are picking up the fast buck targeting the polarized factions in the US.

Experts in this field agree that undeclared political ads are most watched among those who can use it for both good and bad purposes. That’s the unscrupulous mechanism employed to entice Facebook viewers. Provocation is another key here and targets those interested in articles related to President Barack Obama, Ivanka Trump, Sean Hannity, Kellyanne Conway et al.

Catchy headlines lure Facebook users who seek articles reinforcing their existing beliefs at the click of a mouse where some lesser-known web portal has a striking resemblance to Fox News. Visitors who want access to these sites must provide credit card information which can cost in the neighborhood of $100 a month.

This is but one example of political ads where Facebook lacks a mechanism to regulate paid political content in the form of a message which is misleading and malicious. Long before the ads are uploaded to the social networking sites, the scammers are designing more targeted ads.  For the most part, These sites are registered within 30 days before the political ads start going out. These websites are shady since the fraudsters don’t open the portals beforehand.

These scams are becoming more widespread in the lead-up to the midterm elections.

Facebook officials are aware that they need to stop these dubious advertisements. But it’s not so simple to detect and eliminate the deceptive ads. Some of them have been eliminated while new ones are coming down the pipeline. Experts say malicious advertisement can’t be stopped overnight. Naturally, this is applicable to other social networking sites aside from Facebook.

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