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Need a New Laptop but Hate Windows 10?

If you are in a position where you need a new laptop, but absolutely HATE Windows 8 – and would rather have an UN-anesthetized root canal than use Windows 10 (like most people) there are still options out there.  You do have to shop carefully though.

I have had the need to recommend a few new systems for my clients lately and I am giving you the benefit of my research.

First of all, I only recommend two brands of laptops:  Toshiba and Dell in that order.  I have owned 7 Toshibas since 1994 and find them very simply to be the most reliable laptops on the market.  I also own a  refurbished Dell that I use for diagnostics and data recovery.  It is an excellent 2010 vintage 17 equipped machine.

On to the recommendations – all Windows 7 based laptops:

If you can live with a bare-bones system that doesn’t have a lot of processor power, the Intel i3 equipped Toshiba below in the $400 range is a very good deal.  It has an i3 Intel processor,  500GB hard drive (adequate for most people) and 6 GB of RAM.  This amount of memory should be considered the minimum for a 64 bit operating system.  4 GB systems are common and less expensive, but VERY slow due to inadequate memory.


For something with considerably higher performance, the Intel i5 processor equipped system in the $700 range is one heck of a deal.  With a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of RAM, you will get double the storage of the previous laptop and better performance due to the faster processor and more memory.  It is also a larger screen (17″ as opposed to 15″)

And to bump up to the i7 processor in a more compact 15″ format, this option is a really good deal.


For the next step up to an i7 equipped machine, this one comes with a Hybrid SSD for optimum performance and the 17″ display is as big as it gets.  If you really have the “need for speed”, this i7 with 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB Hybrid SSD  drive will really fly.  It’s 2.5 GHz processor is very respectable.  At this price it’s a heck of a deal.  With the hybrid 1TB  SSD hard drive, you get a great combination of speed and storage.





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