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One Million Android Phones Infected by Hackers


Not literally.  Actually it’s MORE than one million phones have been infected by hackers, making their Google accounts, photos and emails vulnerable.

Infected Android

Infected Android

Hackers have gained access to roughly 1.3 Million Google accounts.  This includes photos, emails and documents stored in those accounts.  How was this accomplished?  Simple.  By users downloading bogus apps.  This once again reinforces the advice to ONLY download apps from the official App store (Google Play) for Android.

This discovery comes from researchers at Check Point, a cybersecurity firm.  According to Google, no accounts have currently had data actually breached, but with the credentials to these accounts in the hands of hackers, it is most likely only a matter of time.

Indicators are that this is what is known as a criminal enrichment scheme.  Infected Android phones begin to install other legitimate apps and rate them highly.  This fraudulently inflates their reputation and value.  According to Adrian Ludwig, director of Google’s Android Security team, Google has already removed the affected legitimate apps from its store.

This particular malware attack installs malicious advertising software that tracks user activity.  This is in turn sold to marketers for a substantial profit to the hackers.   According to Google, they have currently blocked over 150,000 versions of this type of malware.  However, an additional 13,000 devices are infected daily according to Check Point.

You can go to the Check Point website to find out if your account has been compromised by following this link.  You enter your email address and receive a response after your account is analyzed.  Check Point will also offer you their ZoneAlarm security tool if you are infected.

A partial list of infected apps:


  • Perfect Cleaner
  • Demo
  • WiFi Enhancer
  • Snake
  • gla.pev.zvh
  • Html5 Games
  • Demm
  • memory booster
  • ????????????
  • StopWatch
  • Clear
  • ballSmove_004
  • Flashlight Free
  • memory booste
  • Touch Beauty
  • Demoad
  • Small Blue Point
  • Battery Monitor
  • ????
  • UC Mini
  • Shadow Crush
  • Sex Photo
  • ???
  • tub.ajy.ics
  • Hip Good
  • Memory Booster
  • phone booster
  • SettingService
  • Wifi Master
  • Fruit Slots
  • System Booster
  • Dircet Browser
  • Puzzle Bubble-Pet Paradise
  • GPS
  • Light Browser
  • Clean Master
  • YouTube Downloader
  • KXService
  • Best Wallpapers
  • Smart Touch
  • Light Advanced
  • SmartFolder
  • youtubeplayer
  • Beautiful Alarm
  • PronClub
  • Detecting instrument
  • Calculator
  • GPS Speed
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Blue Point
  • CakeSweety
  • Pedometer
  • Compass Lite
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • PornClub
  • com.browser.provider
  • Assistive Touch
  • Sex Cademy
  • OneKeyLock
  • Wifi Speed Pro
  • Minibooster
  • com.so.itouch
  • com.fabullacop.loudcallernameringtone
  • Kiss Browser
  • Weather
  • Chrono Marker
  • Slots Mania
  • Multifunction Flashlight
  • So Hot
  • Google
  • HotH5Games
  • Swamm Browser
  • Billiards
  • TcashDemo
  • Sexy hot wallpaper
  • Wifi Accelerate
  • Simple Calculator
  • Daily Racing
  • Talking Tom 3
  • com.example.ddeo
  • Test
  • Hot Photo
  • QPlay
  • Virtual
  • Music Cloud


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