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Sysguard.exe Infection at Record Levels

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the infection rate from Sysguard.exe.  This infection masquerades as an Antivirus / System Security Center interface, reporting dozens of infections allegedly from an assortment of fake viruses, trojans and worms.  Whatever you do, DON’T give in to the threats and intimidation to pay them Continue Reading

Testimonials, Case Histories and Horror Stories

Completely Avoidable Data Recovery – Book Publisher Actually, all data recovery is avoidable – if you maintain a current backup.  Very simply put: “The difference between inconvenience and catastrophe is… a current backup.” You can quote me. Early in 2008, a new customer brought in an external 2.5″ USB drive for data recovery.  We were Continue Reading

A Current Backup Can Make All the Difference

The best way to be sure you will never need a backup is to be sure you have one (Murphy’s Law of Data Loss) We recommend multiple backups, preferably on different media and definitely in separate locations.  It is highly unlikely two separate structures in different cities will burn down at the same time. There Continue Reading

New Amazon.com Phishing Scam

I received 2 of these today, in two different email accounts and was impressed by the mechanism.  What you see below is an actual image. The email contains no text – just this image which links to a bogus website when you click anywhere in the “text”. Your first clue should be the fact that Continue Reading

Clever New Way to Hijack Your Computer – By Phone!

We were SO impressed when this story was relayed to us by a client today that I just had to pass it along. A client of ours received a phone call from someone (ostensibly) in India yesterday who informed her that he had received a message from her computer, contacting his computer and he needed Continue Reading

What is Your Computer Tech’s Day Job?

Seriously… Ask him (or her) what they actually ‘do for a living’. You might find the answer interesting. Having noticed various vehicles advertising “Louie’s PC service with a smile” (I made that up, but you get the idea) parked in hardware store parking lots every day — so you know the hardware store is their Continue Reading

How spyware nearly sent a teacher to prison

We all know Spyware is bad, right?  It can wreck your computer, slowing it down to being nearly (or completely) unusable. Some of it steals your identity, some will hijack your desktop or home page, and still others will hold your computer hostage, asking for money to return control to you, the rightful user. However… Continue Reading

Beware of Dell RAID Workstations

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives).  It’s supposed to be a Good Thing, right?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  There are several kinds of RAID, from Raid 0 through 5 or more.  You can have a RAID that stores exactly the same thing on both drives (a Mirror) – which is slower, but fully redundant Continue Reading