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How spyware nearly sent a teacher to prison

We all know Spyware is bad, right?  It can wreck your computer, slowing it down to being nearly (or completely) unusable. Some of it steals your identity, some will hijack your desktop or home page, and still others will hold your computer hostage, asking for money to return control to you, the rightful user. However… Continue Reading

Beware of Dell RAID Workstations

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives).  It’s supposed to be a Good Thing, right?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  There are several kinds of RAID, from Raid 0 through 5 or more.  You can have a RAID that stores exactly the same thing on both drives (a Mirror) – which is slower, but fully redundant Continue Reading

Do-It-Yourself Malware Removal / Utilities

Generally speaking, unless you do this for a living, this is a bad idea.  Why?  Because it is fairly easy to make a bad situation much worse in the process.  At last count, the list of Rogue Spyware Removal Tools contained 349 entries.  That means, that when you’re searching for tools to disinfect your computer, Continue Reading

Just Say “NO” to Windows Updates

We’ve been telling people for years that Windows Updates should be applied Manually – and Carefully.  Only because I’m getting tired of repeating myself, especially with our incredibly heavy workload, I’m going to spell our policy out here, once and for all. In general, you should DISABLE Automatic Updates. Right-Click on My Computer and select Continue Reading