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Protecting your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone hacking (like tapping a landline) is becoming so easy it is (or at least should be) incredibly frightening.  Stay tuned to our blog for a lot more information on this topic in the very near future as we assemble all the critical information.  Meanwhile, to protect yourself from falling prey to someone who wants to invade your privacy, steal your identity or simply spy on you, heed the following guidelines:

  • Never leave your phone out of your sight.  Keep it in your hands, in your pocket or purse and never leave it anywhere you cannot see or touch it at all times.  Don’t go to the bathroom and leave your phone on the table with your “friends”.   I know this is a pain, but it only takes a minute or so to download the software to hack your phone or record the IMEI number from your phone for this purpose.
  • Password protect your phone so it cannot be accessed without typing in the code first.  I know it’s a pain, but this is critical, especially if the phone is lost or stolen, since many people keep access codes, combinations and passwords in their phones.
  • Never open an attachment that comes to you in a message or email.  Simply delete them.  Open these on your computer if you want, but never on your cell phone.  This is the most common method of gaining access to your phone for purposes of monitoring everything you do on or near your mobile phone.
  • Secure your cell phone account with your provider.  Use a complicated password no one will ever guess.  Make sure you customize your account so your Social Security number is not the method they use for identification, but rather your password.
  • If your phone becomes compromised, just get rid of it immediately.  Open a new account (in person – at a physical store) with a completely different provider.  And make sure you don’t have the old phone with you when you purchase the new service.  If it has been compromised, it’s entirely possible someone is “listening” to everything you do and say.
  • Signs your phone may be compromised:
    Your phone “locks up”, becomes unresponsive, or slow to respond
    Your phone lights up, shows signs of activity while not in use
    Any behavior that is out of the ordinary may be a sign your phone is hacked

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