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SWF Infections On The Rise

SWF infections are on the rise

Since I use a Mac Pro, my odds of being infected are far less than a PC user. However… Just a few minutes ago I started getting multiple warnings popping up in my notification window and went to see what had been going on. It appears I have been getting infections downloaded into the Google Chrome cache for some time now. These are SWF files (Shockwave Flash videos) and the only videos I watch on this browser ( I use 4 monitors and 3 browsers) are from Facebook (and the spawned sites shared therein) and CNN.  BTW:  Google Chrome routinely locks up and requires a Force Quit on my system.  I have had it’s bad behavior cause the entire computer to become unstable.  It is not, in my opinion, ready for Prime Time.  My default browser is Firefox.  After much research and time spent using a lot of browsers, Firefox seems to behave better than anything else.
I have ClamXAV running in the background to catch these things. It seems there are more infected sites out there than you might think.

Here’s my advice.

Stop clicking on all these ridiculous shared “stories” that contain the following: “You’ll never believe what happened next…” or these stupid quizzes that determine where you should live or what your band’s name should be or some other nonsense. All of these sites have one thing in common. They are harvesting as much information about you as possible. Once enough information is guessed or harvested, they can and will steal you identity and empty your bank account.
I never take part is these for the above reason.
All these cute videos should be suspect. Somewhere I have been picking up some malware. Being on a Mac, I am insulated. If you are on a PC, you are hosed.
How about if we all stop engaging in nonsense and start paying attention to what is really important like our family and the people who represent us?
Just a thought.

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