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IOS Update Creates Data Plan Overages

TweetFor you iPhone users… In the latest IOS update, Apple added a “feature” that really only benefits your provider (AT&T, Verizon, et al). It’s called “WiFi Assist” which uses your data plan to augment the data coming from WiFi.  Apple added this to keep data flowing when it determined your WiFi connectivity was not optimal.  Continue Reading

Samsung S7 Update Voice Mail Hell – Solved

TweetBasically we are all guinea pigs (unpaid beta testers) seemingly for every technology company lately.  Microsoft raised this to an art form by giving away Windows 10.  Think about it… Why would they give away a new operating system for a year?  Two reasons: If you didn’t pay for it, you can’t complain about it. Continue Reading

Put up an Antenna. Save $$$ Over Cable!

TweetPut up an Antenna.  Save $$$ Over Cable! I don’t know about you, but I look at our cable bill (AT&T U-Verse) and am in disbelief how much we spend for the handful of channels we actually watch.  Since we never watch sports, just scrolling through the (literally) hundreds of sports channels wastes too much Continue Reading

A Very Sneaky Phishing SCAM From an AT&T Address

TweetA very sneaky phishing SCAM from an AT&T address Today’s nasty little attempt to steal your account information and ruin your life comes packaged to look like AT&T wants you to update your account and opt-in to paperless billing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your first clue should be that no legitimate company Continue Reading

AT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM

TweetAT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM A very disturbing new phishing scam looks exactly like your monthly AT&T Wireless billing notification. If you’re like many iPhone users, you receive a monthly notification that your wireless bill is ready to be viewed online. What you may not notice is your next “reminder” is not at the usual Continue Reading