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Fake Flash Player Update Latest Example

TweetThis morning I was searching for a local business to find an event to attend. I Googled the business, determined the URL looked appropriate and clicked on the link. Firefox immediately issued a redirect warning, something I always take seriously and evaluate. The next thing I know there is a Flash Player Update alert with Continue Reading

SWF Infections On The Rise

Tweet SWF infections are on the rise   Since I use a Mac Pro, my odds of being infected are far less than a PC user. However… Just a few minutes ago I started getting multiple warnings popping up in my notification window and went to see what had been going on. It appears I Continue Reading

Fake Flash Player Downloads Can Ruin Your Day

TweetI have warned about these in the past, but always drawing on personal experience or case histories, I thought it important to apprise y’all on what can happen while you are minding your own business just surfing the web. Only a few minutes ago I was searching for a particular video of David Gilmour performing Continue Reading

Is CNN’s Autoplay Driving You Crazy?

TweetJune 5, 2020 Update: Since this post was originally published (5 years ago), both CNN and Chrome have changed a LOT.  As a result, the original technique for disabling the annoying autoplay of videos on CNN is no longer an option.  However… There is an extension that will solve the problem. Load this link in Continue Reading