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Repairing Hard Drives

Murdered Hard Drive

TweetRepairing Your Failing Hard Drive This is actually not possible.  But for the sake of discussion… This topic comes up from time to time and I think I may have even written about it years ago in another blog, but that blog is history, since I sold The Computer Wizard in Plano, TX.  The blog Continue Reading

Wanton Hard Drive Destruction

TweetYesterday was Hard Drive Destruction Day I had dozens of drives in storage for years as a result of forensic cases I worked on. I got tired of lugging them around, so I returned as many as possible to the attorneys involved. This still left me with around four dozen drives to dispense with. You Continue Reading

Need a New Laptop but Hate Windows 10?

TweetIf you are in a position where you need a new laptop, but absolutely HATE Windows 8 – and would rather have an UN-anesthetized root canal than use Windows 10 (like most people) there are still options out there.  You do have to shop carefully though. I have had the need to recommend a few Continue Reading

Happy New Year from DFWCI

TweetWell folks, it’s the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.  It is very popular to set up New Year’s Resolutions in an effort to correct what the individual perceives to be negative behavior.  While I have never been a big fan of postponing positive change until the beginning of the Continue Reading

You do have an off-site backup, right?

TweetYou do have an off-site backup, right? A local external hard drive backup is a very good idea, but only if you take it off-site weekly and swap it out with another drive so that your most recent backup is somewhere else. Why? Because disasters happen every day where both your computer and backup drive Continue Reading

Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement

TweetSo you’ve run out of space in your current hard drive.  Now what do you do? When it comes to replacing hard drives, we have always recommended and used Western Digital.  Why?  Very simply because we have found their reliability to be the best in the industry.  With WD, you have 4 choices in terms Continue Reading

Some Things Cannot Be Recovered

TweetAs in any other industry, there are certain sets of circumstances that can render your data completely unrecoverable.  Below is an image of the inside of a hard drive that graphically displays the extreme far end of exactly such a situation. When I first received this drive, I noticed it sounded like a metal rain Continue Reading