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Norton Renewal and Other Email Scams

Every day, another scam. January 9, 2022 Update. New occurrences inserted at the top. Latest scams follow: February 10, 2023: Sur.ly Safest Website scam If you have your own website(s) you my receive this email claiming your website has an award for being one of the safest websites.  It offers you a badge to display Continue Reading

Google Finds Norton / Symantec Vulnerabilities

Critical Norton / Symantec Security Vulnerabilities What does this mean to you? To set the stage for this discussion I worked for Symantec for 3 years in their TimeLine project management division.  Initially in Tech Support I transitioned to marketing a liaison between our engineering department and our Fortune 100 / Government clients in the Continue Reading

Notes From My Presentations

From time to time I do presentations for local groups and as such I am posting my notes from these events here with useful links and additional information. I am adding some valuable links here that I cannot easily provide during my presentations, along with recommendations for some useful tools to protect your computer and Continue Reading

We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner! (insert sounds of a slot machine hitting the jackpot here…) Up until now, the hands-down winner for infections in our shop was a Hewlett Packard computer with 34, 363 virus-infected files.  This machine, from a 2007 Work Order, had been “protected” by Norton Internet Security, but hijacked and turned into a Continue Reading