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Increased Number of Emotet Command and Control IP Addresses Identified

Tweet Today’s security alert Upon receiving the FBI’s latest alert, I thought I’d pass it along. Increased Number of Emotet Command and Control IP Addresses Identified Summary In early June 2019, Emotet, an advanced modular banking Trojan, attempted to communicate with 214 command and control (C2) IPaddresses for initial instructions, indicating cyber actors recently made Continue Reading

Yahoo Email Porn Ransom Spam

TweetUnless you live in a cave deep in the center of the Sahara (in which case you can’t get this post) you know by now that Yahoo had a data breach about 5 years ago and all the user account information was harvested. Well in the last year or so, all that information was released Continue Reading

Widespread Google Docs Phishing Scam

TweetGoogle Docs Attack Phishing scams are on the rise worldwide in recent years.  One antivirus company claims to have blocked 70 million phishing emails over a 3 month period.  You’ve seen the news / entertainment (newsertainment?) programs with the blurred out nude photos of celebrities (remember Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson) who were “hacked” Continue Reading

This Week’s Security Risks

TweetPage One – LinkedIn Hacked! This last week, like any other week had its fair share of security attacks.  The most notorious was the LinkedIn hack where 117 Million user name / password combinations were stolen.  Wednesday, May 18, was the date of this event – and yes, if you have a LinkedIn account you Continue Reading

Today’s pathetic phishing SCAM allegedly comes from DHL.

TweetToday’s pathetic phishing SCAM allegedly comes from DHL. The grammar of this sophomoric phishing SCAM is so incredibly hideous I simply HAD to share it: Message Subject: DHL delivery report Message Sender: reports@dhl.com Alleged Actual Sender: superimposehp74@gmail.com Spoofed sender: cjdngbsmebvp.yapfq.su Actual server delivering this dreck: ldlhilzayzugdaz.ozckjclio.ru (Russian – no big surprise) Now is where the fun Continue Reading

AT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM

TweetAT&T Wireless Billing Phishing SCAM A very disturbing new phishing scam looks exactly like your monthly AT&T Wireless billing notification. If you’re like many iPhone users, you receive a monthly notification that your wireless bill is ready to be viewed online. What you may not notice is your next “reminder” is not at the usual Continue Reading

Today’s Phishing SCAM from FDIC

TweetBut wait! There’s more… How about a phishing scam from FDIC? Your very first clue in this bad boy is the sender’s address. Anything in cyrillic is clearly bogus, right? (of course) Subject: Special requirements for your account security Sender: ????.??????@fdic.gov (See what I mean? And once again, any domain ending in .de is likely Continue Reading

Today’s Phishing SCAM from LinkedIn

TweetToday’s nasty inbox infestation allegedly comes from LinkedIn. Most of these attempts are flagged by our spam-filtered mail servers as SPAM. This little bug got right past them and has been reported to LinkedIn. Check it out: First of all, there are no corporate logos in this message – a global clue that it is Continue Reading

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