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New Smishing and Phishing Scams on the Rise

TweetThere’s a new scam every fifteen seconds Or at least that’s the way it seems. I have recently become far more proactive about blacklisting IP addresses that overload my inbox with scams.  You know the ones: From: <your email address> Subject:  Security Notice.  Someone have access to your system Body: Hi! As you may have Continue Reading

Locky Ransomware Emailed to 23 Million Users

TweetRansomware is not new, as anyone with a reliable electrical supply knows by now.  Variants are many.  Results are the same.  Ransomware encrypts every data file on your computer, rendering them unusable until you pay the ransom demanded by the cyber criminals who infected your computer.     The delivery mechanisms are very simply: Infected Continue Reading

Major Scale Mac Malware on the Loose

TweetWell, it really was only a matter of time before the virus writers turned their attention to the venerable Apple platform.  Up until now, there have really only been “proof of concept” viruses that attack the Mac OS.  There have been a few mass-distribution infections, but for the most part those only attacked users downloading Continue Reading

A Very Sneaky Phishing SCAM From an AT&T Address

TweetA very sneaky phishing SCAM from an AT&T address Today’s nasty little attempt to steal your account information and ruin your life comes packaged to look like AT&T wants you to update your account and opt-in to paperless billing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your first clue should be that no legitimate company Continue Reading

Welcome to EBay Phishing SCAM

TweetThe hits just keep a-comin’ !!! Two more pathetic infection / phishing emails for your edification today  come ostensibly from eBay. Subject: (your name here) welcome to the eBay community! From: eBay@reply1.ebay.com Alleges to be from: no-reply@facebook.com Really Sent From: onelinkpr.com in San Juan or [ – in Thailand] This bogus welcome message from eBay Continue Reading

Facebook Package Delivery Scam

TweetToday’s pathetic phishing scam – Facebook Package Delivery If you receive an email from Facebook with the following information: Subject: Your package has been delivered From: no-reply@facebook.com Be very suspicious of it. In this particular case, what makes this attempt so incredibly insipid is the actual bogus content. Keep in mind today is July 30, Continue Reading

Don’t fall for this Facebook Notification hijack!

TweetDon’t fall for this Facebook Notification hijack! This is an example bogus email you should NOT click on: Subject: Adrian Garcia tagged you in a photo on Facebook Sender: notification+1325EYW2G@facebookmail.com Actual alleged email address: calliopelz2261@facebook.org (note the .org extension for this domain – that is NOT Facebook.COM – clearly bogus.) There are two buttons you Continue Reading

Today’s Wells Fargo Email Scam

TweetAnother phishing scam today from Wells Fargo Subject: IMPORTANT Documents- WellsFargo Sender: Reuben_Spivey@wellsfargo.com / Kent_Foreman@wellsfargo.com Content: Please check attached documents. Kent_Foreman Wells Fargo Advisors 817-594-3403 office 817-987-8493 cell Kent_Foreman@wellsfargo.com ATTENTION: THIS E-MAIL MAY BE AN ADVERTISEMENT OR SOLICITATION FOR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. To unsubscribe from marketing e-mails from: … Boilerplate text continues ad nauseum… Attached Continue Reading

The Latest Facebook Password Email Scam

TweetJust today I received this email: Subject: Your password is changed Dear Customer Spam is sent from your FaceBook account. Your password has been changed for safety. Information regarding your account and a new password is attached to the letter. Read this information thoroughly and change the password to complicated one. Please do not reply Continue Reading

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