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Find Out If Your Phone Is Being Tracked

TweetThis is one of those very rare occurrences where I did not actually write this, but copied it verbatim from another source. Directly lifted from the Anonymous Site Thanks for publishing this, Anonymous! When using modern day gadgets, safety should always be your top priority. With the help of just a few short codes, you Continue Reading

IOS Update Creates Data Plan Overages

TweetFor you iPhone users… In the latest IOS update, Apple added a “feature” that really only benefits your provider (AT&T, Verizon, et al). It’s called “WiFi Assist” which uses your data plan to augment the data coming from WiFi.  Apple added this to keep data flowing when it determined your WiFi connectivity was not optimal.  Continue Reading

Those New USB Cables can Torch Your Gear

TweetEvery few years a new standard has to emerge to keep everyone thinking there is something new and better they simply Must have.  Serial and parallel communications gave way to USB 1.0 a long time ago.  USB 2.0 replaced that and USB 3, while theoretically much faster than its predecessor, has yet to achieve widespread Continue Reading

Smartphone Security Risk

TweetDid you know that photos taken with your smart phone contain GeoTracking information?  Yep.  It’s incredibly easy to find out exactly where you took any photo you upload to Facebook or Twitter (or anywhere else for that matter). How it works: Smartphones have a GPS built in so you can use mapping functions and a Continue Reading