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Windows 10 Upgrades Wreaking Havoc

Windoze 10 Wreaking Havoc is Nothing New

Since before Windows 10 became the ubiquitous option it has become – and now being force-fed to a computer near you, we have been warning of compatibility issues and performance problems.  We have gone so far as to recently publish a recommendation for disabling Automatic Updates to protect against any future Micro$oft forced “upgrade” to Windows 10.

As regular readers of this blog, you know we like to refer to case histories to illustrate our position on various topics.  The things we go on record against are never arbitrarily targeted.  We only take a stand against something we have iron-clad proof to be a problem for a large segment of our clients.  In other words, you will only find us body-slamming a product we feel will slap you silly, ride you hard and put you up wet.


Just Say NO to Windows Ten

Just Say NO to Windows Ten

Today’s horror story is that of an otherwise happy little Dell bookcase style computer running Windows 7 on an Intel i3 processor with 8 gigs of ram and driving a dual monitor display.  After I did some clean up on the system early last year, it has been purring along, contentedly doing its job with no major issues.

Right up until the owners of said content little computer tired of Micro$oft’s perpetual nagging to upgrade to Windows 10 and said “Okey Dokey Microsoft, let me have this shiny new Operating System and shut the hell up.”

And then the fun began.  What was once a content little computer now became an absolute PIG.  It now takes roughly Five Minutes to load the OS and all desktop icons.  The dual monitor display?  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t .  Sometimes you only get the left display, sometimes only the right and occasionally — none at all.  It is painfully slow to open applications — like running through molasses.  You can no longer find your “stuff” because the Windows 10 “experience” makes no sense whatsoever.  This has caused the family to use their phones and tablets instead of what was once a valuable tool to their family.

Side Note:

Now a computer with an Intel i3 processor is pretty weak to start with.  We do not recommend this processor for anything but browsing the web and writing the occasional letter.  This is the equivalent of the old Celeron processor.  They are so limited in processing power that we cannot run a full virus scan without the processor overheating and shutting down.  The i5 should be considered the minimum processor for any serious computing and an i7 is a huge step up.

Back to the Story:

By the time I got to it, the 30 day “I give up, let me have my old OS back” option was long gone.  Windoze 10 upgrades have this option for the first 30 days, after which Micro$oft does some background housekeeping and deletes your old Windoze 7 (or 8, or 8.1) installation permanently.  Up until that time you can delete Windoze 10 and go back to where you started pretty painlessly.  We do, however, recommend a complete backup before trying this little trick.  We have had clients lose all their data in the Win 10 upgrade / downgrade dance.

So now I am shopping for a replacement computer for my clients.  It is still possible to get Windows 7 computers from several manufacturers and that is what we recommend.  If you are in the market for a new computer, contact us and we will find you something far better than what you can get off the shelf at the big box stores.

How to Make Win 10 Suck Less:

In all fairness (we always try to be fair) Windoze 10 is an improvement over Windoze 8 (or 8.1), but then so is an abacus.  Windoze 8 is a hideous design that no one likes.  It’s buggy and a desktop design that makes absolutely no sense to most non-comatose humans.  We have done Win 10 upgrades on brand-new installs of Win 8 and 8.1 that went flawlessly and turned out to be a big improvement over the original OS.  The upgrade process, however, yields unpredictable results.  This is why Micro$oft is giving it away.  So they can get feedback about what works and what takes your otherwise content little computer on a joy ride straight to Hell.

Critical Windoze 10 Upgrade Note:

You MUST uninstall or at least completely disable ANY antivirus product(s) prior to any upgrade.  Micro$oft was advising this in the early months of Win 10 upgrades, but apparently (in the immortal words of Jacques Clouseau) “Not anymore!

If you have a computer with Win 10 on it, there is a simple little addition you can make to give back the look and feel of Win 7, which makes it much easier to find your stuff and go about your daily computing with a sense of familiarity, rather than constantly battling with your computer to give you what you want.  It’s called a “shell” and the one we recommend is the Classic Shell – we encourage you to donate a few bucks to these people for making your life much better.  It will return the Windows 7 start menu appearance so you can “find your stuff” more easily.  We install this on almost every Win 8, 8.1 and 10 system we encounter and our clients are much happier afterwards.

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