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Windows Phone SCAM Alert!

If you receive a call from this 855 # – hang up immediately, better yet don’t answer it. Add the number to your auto reject list. Report the # to your phone provider.  I would be very suspicious of any 855 number.  Period.

These are scammers who tell you (in a thick Indian / Pakistani accent) that your computer network is under attack. They will say it is imperative for them to access your computer to fix it. They will not give up. They will call back and pester you over and over again.  You can insult them in every imaginable way and tell them in specific terms how to engage in various disgusting acts (after the third call from them I gave this a shot) and they will persist in trying to convince you they must rescue you from this nasty attack on your Windows computer.

Just yesterday “Danny” (not likely) called me and tried to convince me that last week I had asked him to call me back because I was busy.  He told me they had my IP address to confirm they knew which computer it was. was the number he gave me.

Since this is a private IP address, not visible to the Internet, that is impossible.  Also since we use a completely different addressing scheme here, (although what he was trying to “sell” would have been applicable to most people) I had some fun telling him how incredibly wrong and deceptive he was.  He couldn’t have cared less.  Like his predecessors he was unwavering in his attempt to get into my computer.

I asked them what computer they were talking about.  They could not, of course identify the computer, version of Windows or provide any other specifics because it is a SCAM.  (We use all Macs.)

Whatever you do, do NOT let these people connect to your computer. They will hold your computer hostage.

These scammers are very persistent and convincing but Do NOT believe them.  After they connect to your computer, they will release a script that password protects your system and you will never see your data again without paying their ransom.  You can, of course call me before you reboot your computer and I can salvage all your data before doing a full system restore.


Tell everyone you know. Share this with everyone.

If you have been victimized by these scammers, report it to the FBI.

Scammers! :

Name of author

Name: Wizard

Short Bio: The Computer Wizard (TCW). TCW was founded by Warren P. Harris in 1994 to service and repair computers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Relocating the business to Plano, Texas in 1999, TCW continued to flourish when an unfortunate loss of data for a wedding Mr. Harris photographed, caused him to research data recovery options. Realizing he would have to either pay someone to recover the photos or find out how to do it himself, the rest, as they say "is history". Approached by a friend who was a Private Investigator in 2006, Mr. Harris studied for his Investigator's license and began honing his skills in Computer Forensics. The company was renamed DFW Computer Integration in 2015.

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