DFWCI Services

DFWCI provides a wide range of services on all platforms:   

Network Integration             

Malware protection / removal


Performance tuning             

Hardware and software upgrades 

Remote support             

Cloud-based backup             

Data recovery           

Computer Forensics / Attack Mitigation              

and much more. 

The bulk of our work is on-site.              

Remote administration is available and reduces our response time – and saves you money.

On-Site / Housecall Service

We  provide service in the convenience of your home or office including virus / malware removal, performance tuning, hardware / software upgrades.                 If your problems cannot be resolved on-site, we will transport your equipment.

Most computers slow down over time for a variety of reasons. We weed out invasive apps and  remove them. Your computer always runs faster when we are done.

Not to insinuate that you have a wiring nest, but if you happen to be in the general vicinity of a nest of wires, we will clean that right up for you.             

 We  configure WiFi routers, extenders and guest accounts.  If your WiFi signal is inadequate, we can solve that problem.

Network Design / Administration

We design and build turnkey commercial networks from wiring to hardware specifications, full configuration and implementation.  We also troubleshoot and optimize existing networks of all sizes. We will audit your network to determine if you are getting the best performance and reliability from your installation. We specialize in performance tuning. If you are spending more time waiting for your network to respond, than actually being productive, let us take a look at it for you.

We implement secured WiFi routers and guest WiFi accounts in both commercial and residential locations.  Having a guest WiFi account in your home is an especially good idea if your teenager has his/her friends over accessing your WiFi.  This allows them to access the Internet, but not your computers or printers.  We will analyze your needs and recommend a solution that allows for future growth.

Remote Support

We offer remote support for everything but hardware failures and Internet outages, it frees us up to connect to your computer remotely and fix small issues that would otherwise necessitate a housecall with the an hourly fee and possible trip charges.  Remote support is easier to schedule for both of us, especially for minor annoyances.  Many issues can be handled this way and it is easier to schedule as we can block out 15 or 30 minute increments for small issues.             

We use AnyDesk for remote access.  You can download the client here:             

Windows version

Mac version

Malware Protection

Remember the City of Dallas ransomware debacle? If we had been protecting their computers, this never would have happened. For over 10 years we sold and supported AVG for our clients. When they merged with Avast, we immediately shifted gears to protect our clients. Since 2016 we exclusively sell and support Bitdefender Endpoint Security, as we feel it to be vastly superior, stable, configurable and effective, and simply the best solution. This is a cloud administered corporate product that will not slow your computer to a crawl. To date, nothing has penetrated the shields. If you want the best protection for your computer(s), call or email us for an appointment.

Data Recovery

We have specialized in data recovery on all variety of storage devices, Windows, Mac and Linux  platforms since 2003 . We recover data from hard drives, cameras,  usb flash drives and more.

Computer Forensics / Attack Mitigation

We specialize in computer forensics and attack mitigation on all platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux since 2006. We recover data from computers, phones, network devices and more.

Cloud-Based Backup

The most important addition to your computing environment is a backup. It is not a question of <em>if</em>, but rather <em>when</em> your computer will fail- and how much irreplaceable data will be lost. We  recommend a hard drive backup for speed and convenience, in addition to cloud-based backup. Cloud-based backup is becoming better and more cost-effective all the time. We use and recommend only BackBlaze  There is simply no better product on the market.

Click on the links below to get a free month of BackBlaze and the best protection for your data:

Personal Backup Plan

Business Backup Plan

Surge Protection

Here in Texas one of the biggest threats to your computer is lightning damage. The only place in the continental United States with more lightning activity is Orlando Florida. Did you know a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun? Or that lightning has a minimum voltage of one million volts? <a href=”https://dfwci.com/blog4/take-precautions-during-lighting-season/”>Read our blog</a> for more lightning information.

Ask us about surge protection and UPS options when we do your evaluation (in the unlikely event we don’t point it out to you)

Video Capture and Editing

Have you recorded news articles or special events on your cable DVR system you wish you could save permanently or share with friends?  We come to you, capture the video, then edit and convert for DVD or YouTube.  We can upload to YouTube  or deliver your videos using our transfer service.

What We Work On







Surface Tablets

iPads / Other Tablets

Networks / WiFi / NAS

Data Recovery:

Hard Drives, USB Storage

Smart Phone Data Recovery

Computer Forensics / Attack Mitigation

Camera Memory Cards

Video capture and conversion from UVerse, Comcast DVR boxes

What We Do Not Do

iPhone Hardware

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPad Screen Replacement

Family Counseling

Baby Sitting

Warren Paul Harris

Don’t shoot your computer. Call us first.

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