SSD Stupidity Project

From the Don't Do This To Your Computer Archives.

The saga of the Stupid SSD replacement.

In this case, I was working on a client's computer. I found a recently installed SSD dangling from the cables with no other visible means of support. This was done because the Sata cable had the connectors too close together. Rather than solder in new connectors, the technician who put in the SSD just left it hanging.

This is stupid. And lazy.

It was incredibly simple to cut a longer section of Sata power cables from an old scrap power supply and splice them in. Then the SSD could be mounted into an appropriate 2.5"-3.5" housing and fastened in place correctly. All of this would have been about 30 minutes worth of work when the drive was originally installed. Re-doing it took about twice as long.

It is far easier to do the job right the first time than to do it over. Always.

But wait. There's more!

The fool that installed the SSD also partitioned it. Who partitions a hard drive in the 21st century? This resulted in both clients in this family running out of disk space. We had to clone the existing SSDs to new (larger) SSDs with no partitioning. A complete waste of time and money due to poor business practices by another computer tech.

SSD stupidity. My clients actually PAID someone to do this.

A longer cable, some solder, a soldering iron and some heat shrink is all you need to fix this.

Correctly wirred with the SSD mounted in a heat sink assembly and screwed in place.

The spliced cables, properly soldered and shrink wrapped.