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Here are some of our unsolicited customer testimonials gathered over the years.

Better Price and Performance

I just dropped off my desktop for repair and upgrade work to Warren Harris.

If you have computer needs, see him! This is my second time and he's never up sold me and has been honest and fair from the get go. I even price shopped him against MicroCenter and he provided a better machine for less.

~KS March 8, 2018

Apples to MyBooks

I just had Warren from DFWCI at my home to clean up my Apple computer. We had a mess with an external hard drive that was somehow read-only and just basic computer issues. He was great! Cleaned up many things that we didn't need and in the end transferred everything from our old MyBook external to a new external. I can actually find everything now!! If you need help with anything computer related Warren is your guy!

Computer Magic

Our computer died a couple of years ago and we took it to Best Buy. They told us there was nothing they could do to get our data back, so we bought a new computer and put the old one "on ice". We figured our music and photos were gone forever.

Then we met Warren Harris from DFW Computer Integration and he said he could most likely get our data back. So we gave him our old computer and the next day we had all our data back and relocated to our new laptop. The whole process was easy and very reasonably priced - and he's right here in the neighborhood.

We could not be more pleased.

www.dfwci.com is his website. He's also on Facebook where he posts alerts on recent computer threats with solutions.
~Carol F March 3, 2015

More Computer Magic

I used warren yesterday on some apple computer issues...over loaded hardrive and other clean up and storage issues.
He fixed all my issues ..got me external and cloud storage and educated me on a bunch of computer secrets.
Also was very reasonable.
~Jeff R March 6, 2015

Microsoft Mafia

Thanks so much for the work you did on saving my Dell. I was so fed up with the Microsoft Mafia that I was ready to buy an Apple. My Dell Dimension has never run better - even from the day I took delivery...6 years ago!. Your Web site is incredibly frank and informative.

After dealing with corporate tech departments for 20 years you have reaffirmed my belief that there r-e-a-l-l-y are "professionals" (as opposed to geeks), who know what they are doing.

You have my business for life.

~David January 15, 2009


Prefers Wizards

I just wanted you to know that I really liked your website. The Good and Bad List is great. I also found the list of horribly written emails hilarious. People that write like they haven't gone past second grade drive me nuts. One should not drink (alcohol) and compose email.

My absolute favorite was the pictures of the insides of the cases that belonged to smokers (a nasty, deadly habit). You had a lot of great advice posted as well.

Keep up the great work!

P.S. I prefer a Wizard. I have had very bad luck with the Geeks. They have no personality and tend to talk in circles as if I'm a brainless moron and can't figure out that they have no intention of fixing my machine.



Never Worked So Well

Thanks for the great work you did for me on my last visit. My system has never worked so well. Also, the advice you gave me has definitely helped me out and saved me money!

Have a blessed day,



Resounding Thanks

Resounding Thanks

Hi Warren,
After bringing my computer in this morning I have a much appreciated degree of confidence you will be my computer guy from now on. Your advice is forthright and understandable. Your web site offers great information to help us laymen avoid products and software that will hurt our computers. Thank you for caring about your customers!


Alan L


Thank You

Thank You

Before this year is out, I want to let you know that our computer has never worked so well as since you repaired it several months ago. The computer had been "hijacked" and you spent hours fixing it.

At the time of return, I was testy because things were different. I do need to acknowledge that we are now able to operate the computer much faster in all areas--it had never been this speedy!

With appreciation for your expertise and best wishes for continued success,

Linda C


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